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Wooden Toys

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automoblox wooden toys

Automoblox wooden toys were originally developed by industrial design student, Patrick Calello, who, in 1992, came up with the idea of adapting modern innovative automobile styling for children's toy cars. Automoblox products are top of the line. Not only do they stand up under heavy toy usage, but they also encourage creative visio spatial problem solving skills.

When children play with Automoblox cars, they're not mere passive participants. Instead, they are engaged as active engineers, challenged to design and recreate their automobiles to fit the challenges of their imaginary play situations. Developmental psychologists have long emphasized the importance of such integrative educational learning.

Delightful and Educational Automoblox Wooden Cars and Trucks You can find the best Automoblox wooden cars and trucks here at MonkeyBean Toys. In addition to our
complete Automoblox set, we also carry Automoblox 2004 Red Coupes, Blue Sedans, and green trucks. Help your child refine his or her fine motor skills and spatial reasoning techniques by giving these hearty wooden toys.

We at MonkeyBean Toys specialize in all manner of well crafted, safe, educational, and fun toys for children. We stock unique crafts that you simply can't find at bargain basement shops or corporate toy stores, like Kay Bee Toys and Target. Instead of offering electronic gadgets or cheap plastic products that don't inspire children's imaginations, we emphasize high quality and originality.

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