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Wooden Toys

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Educational Toys

Educational Toys

Taking care of a child's educational development means more than getting your young one into the right schools and instilling a love of reading and socializing. You need to stoke your child's imagination by providing the tools he or she needs to think creatively. Yet many so-called educational toys on the market offer little more than plastic, cheap thrills.

Fortunately, you can still buy classic children's educational toys from us here at MonkeyBean Toys. From lovable Jellycat stuffed animals from London, England to Voila puzzles and games imported from Thailand to all manner of wooden bead games, pull toys, and other interactive crafts, we carry a staggering array of fun pieces.

Interactive, Long Lasting Educational Toys
We've selected only the best toy manufacturers for our catalog. You can teach your child about physics with our volcano kit--which includes all the tools you need to create and erupt a papier-mâché volcano. Alternatively, you can engage your toddler with beautifully designed Eeboo ABC learning blocks. We feature toys of all sizes and shapes for all ages.

Since our toys don't wear out or break easily, your child will get many years of action out of them. Indeed, the longevity of our toys allows your child to develop long-lasting attachments. Instead of filling up another toy chest with plastic knickknacks that will soon be forgotten, browse MonkeyBean Toys and discover something truly to be cherished.

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