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Wooden Toys

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The Eeboo company manufactures especially well crafted children's toys using original drawings from the best children's book illustrators. Here at MonkeyBean Toys, we carry a full catalog of Eeboo toys, including a fun baseball growth chart, baseball card games, and circus animal cards. These Eeboo toys are not only delightful, durable, and beautiful, but they are also educational.

Eeboo designs toys for children of all ages. Since the company builds their designs around extremely imaginative artwork, their finished products are nothing short of dazzling. Indeed, the company has been the recipient of numerous children's toy awards and plaudits from parents and educators from around the world.

Reward Your Children with Eeboo Toys
The great part about giving Eeboo toys is that your children will grow up wanting to learn. Unlike generic plastic and mechanical toys, which often break easily and don't have much educational value, Eeboo toys consistently engage youngsters and expand the horizons of the imagination. Their colorful, dynamic nature encourages play, and their durability ensures long toy life.

In addition to Eeboo toys, we stock wonderful wooden toys from fine manufacturers like Haba and Plan. These toys, which range from colorful green dancing alligators and construction vehicles to rolling ball sets and Allez hopp pyramids, will entertain and delight your young ones for hours on end. You may also want to check out our line of Automoblox wooden cars for children, which teach intuitive engineering skills and craftsmanship, as well as our catalog of plush Jellycat animals.


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