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Wooden Toys

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wooden pull toys

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Wooden pull toys can be both extremely fun and educational. Unfortunately, not all wooden pull toys are built with quality craftsmanship, and thus they don't stand the test of time. The good news is that you can find durable, beautiful wooden pull toys here we us at MonkeyBean Toys. We stock only the best, most fun pull toys on the market to encourage play and educational development.

We offer a wide range of wooden pull toys to appeal to the youngster in your life. One great toy is the Baby Alligator, which is 10 inches long and has eyes that roll around in its head while it is pulled along. Another great toy, the Dancing Alligator pull toy, makes soothing click-clack noises as it is pulled, and is perfect for children 18 months or older. Either of these toys, as well as any of our many pull toys, will elicit hours of excited squeals from your toddler.

Another great pull toy that we sell at MonkeyBean Toys is the Wooden Duck pull toy. This classic design will appeal to your toddler, while reminding adults of their own childhood. A simple design made of natural wood, this duck waddles, flaps his wings, and turns his head, to the delight of young children.

A Great Assortment of Wooden Pull Toys
Not only are wooden pull toys wonderfully fun and exciting for children, but they're also perfectly engineered for strength development and coordination. At MonkeyBean Toys, we are dedicated to offering toys that your youngster will not only enjoy, but will help them learn and develop the skills they need. Explore our vast catalog of pull toys and other educational toys to find the perfect gift item.

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