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Wooden Toys

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Wooden Toys

Wooden Blocks

MonkeyBean Toys offers a variety of wooden toys that are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and well made. Wooden toys help toddlers and preschool children to learn about balance, shapes and colors. Building structures out of blocks can improve gross and fine motor skills. These toys are safer, sturdier and last longer than plastic toys. Considering that they can last generations makes them exceptionally affordable.

Benefits of Wooden Playthings

Environmental Benefits:
Made from natural renewable resources such as rubber wood and soy based dies. These toys are safe, biodegradable, recyclable and much more friendly to the environment than plastic toys. Developmental Benefits:
These kinds of toys influence innovative and creative play in kids. They allow youngsters to participate in purposeful play, establishing cognitive and problem-solving capabilities that will help them throughout the rest of their lives. The all-natural textures of wood toys induce the kid's senses as they invite children to touch, really feel and explore.
Safety Benefits:
They are a safer natural choice to plastic playthings because they do not contain high levels of chemicals and toxins that plastic toys might. This is very important if you have a baby who loves to put items into their mouths.
Last longer:
Can last for generations in contrast to some plastic toys which barely make it a few weeks before they break.

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